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Marfan Syndrome Treatment

Not all children with Marfan syndrome need treatment. But all children with this condition need lifelong care to monitor their condition. Different symptoms may appear as your child gets older, so the doctor will want to watch for these.

Some children will need to take medicines that lower their heart rate or blood pressure or both. Children who have major problems with their aorta, aortic valve or mitral valve may need surgery to repair or replace them.

To meet your child's long-term healthcare needs, we have a special Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program to transition your child to adult care when they're ready.

New Treatments for Marfan Syndrome

Seattle Children's is part of a national study to better understand treatment choices for the cardiac complications of Marfan syndrome. The study is comparing two drugs to determine which is more effective in reducing the tendency for the aorta to enlarge.

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