Bone, Joint and Muscle Conditions

MCL Injuries Treatment

We emphasize treating mild MCL injuries through rehabilitation therapy whenever possible. Surgery is rarely needed.

MCL Injuries Treatment Options

Most children who have an MCL injury and no other injury to the knee do well after wearing a hinged knee brace for three to four weeks and participating in a rehabilitation program.

At Seattle Children's, we provide a regular course of physical therapy designed especially for your child. Our aim is for your child to:

  • Recover range of motion.
  • Rebuild strength and stability.
  • Restore balance.
  • Regain confidence in using the knee.

These services are available at our on-site sports lab.

Surgery for MCL and ACL Injuries

A child who has both an MCL injury and an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury probably will need surgery to reconstruct the ACL. Doctors usually do the surgery once your child can move the knee again. Learn more about ACL injuries and treatment.