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Hip Infection

What Is a Hip Infection?

Areas of infection around the pelvis. Courtesy of 'Fundamentals of Pediatric Orthopedics,' © 2003 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Areas of infection around the pelvis.

A hip infection happens when germs get into the bone or joint and reproduce. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites can all cause infections.

Our skin normally has bacteria on it. It is these germs that most often cause infections in the bones and joints. A bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus (staph aureus) causes about 9 out of 10 bone and joint infections in children.

Infections in the bones and joints can cause pain and disabilities. But with proper treatment, almost all infections can be cured before they cause serious problems.

Hip Infection in Children

Hip infections in children are not very common. About one in every 3,000 children gets an infection in or around the hip.

Children who are between ages 2 and 5 are most likely to get hip infections. Children approaching their teenage years get them, too.

Hip Infection at Seattle Children's

For more than a decade, doctors at Seattle Children's have taken a team approach to treating bone and joint infections. Our specialists in infectious diseases and orthopedic surgery work together to help your child.

We treat more than 100 cases of bone and joint infection a year, many of them in children who have hip or pelvic infections.

Our doctors are known for developing a treatment plan for bone and joint infection that has greatly reduced the amount of time children who are being treated with medicine that kills bacteria (antibiotics) must get them though an IV line.

Our doctors write and lecture on the subject of bone and joint infections regularly.