Bone, Joint and Muscle Conditions

Hip Infection Treatment

Hip Infection Treatment Options

Doctors treat most bone and joint infections by giving children medicine that kills bacteria (antibiotics). If your child is very sick, they may need to get the medicine in a vein through an IV line. If your child needs an IV, they will probably be in the hospital for four or five days.

Sometimes very sick children must have surgery. This is because hip infections can cause pus to form in the joint, and the pus usually must be drained. To drain the pus, doctors most often make a small cut (incision) on the front of the thigh just below the hip joint.

During your child's stay in the hospital, doctors may ask for several blood tests that help show how well the treatment is working. We may also ask your child to have an MRI, X-rays, ultrasound or a CT (computed tomography) scan to track progress.

Once your child leaves the hospital, they will have to take antibiotics by mouth for three or four weeks.