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Amniotic Band Syndrome Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms of Amniotic Band Syndrome

The effects of amniotic band syndrome can vary widely. They depend on where the bands are and how early the bands formed during your baby's development.

Your baby may have one or more of these:

  • Creases, or indentations, around their finger, hand, arm, toe, foot or leg
  • All or part of a limb missing
  • Swelling (edema) because bands restrict the flow of blood or lymph
  • A difference in the length of their arms or legs
  • A gap (cleft) or other defect in their head, face, belly or chest

Amniotic Band Syndrome Diagnosis

Doctors can diagnose amniotic band syndrome by doing a physical exam when your baby is born.

Your child may need an X-ray to see how a band affects deeper tissues under their skin. If a band is deep, your child may have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan or other imaging scan to see how the band affects their blood vessels and nerves.

Sometimes, but not usually, doctors can diagnose amniotic band syndrome based on what they see during an ultrasound before a baby is born. If this happens, talk with your healthcare team about what they can tell from the ultrasound and what it may mean for you and your baby. Our team at Seattle Children's is happy to provide prenatal consultations to talk with you about your baby's condition.