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Meniscal Tears Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms of Meniscal Tears

Your child may notice:

  • A popping sound or feeling at the time of the injury
  • Pain in the knee joint
  • Pain that gets worse when you push gently on the knee
  • Knee joint locks up
  • Clicking sounds in the knee

Meniscal Tears Diagnosis

At our clinic, our doctors about any pain your child is having. We then examine your child's knee. The doctor gently applies pressure and moves your child's foot and leg to check for the discomfort and clicking sounds that signal a meniscal tear. We will also check for swelling in your child's knee.

If we suspect a tear, we may take X-rays. We may ask your child to have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan so we can get a better look at the soft tissue in the knee.

In some cases, we may also insert a viewing instrument (arthroscope) that is the width of a pencil into your child's knee to get a look at the damage on a large monitor that is like a television screen.