Seattle Children’s Research Institute Appoints New Co-Directors for Childhood Infections and Prematurity Research

Lisa Frenkel and Timothy Rose

Lisa Frenkel, MD, and Timothy Rose, PhD, new co-directors of the Center for Childhood Infections and Prematurity Research

Seattle Children’s Research Institute announces new co-directors of the Center for Childhood Infections and Prematurity Research

Seattle Children’s Research Institute announced the appointments of Lisa Frenkel, MD, and Timothy Rose, PhD as new co-directors of the Center for Childhood Infections and Prematurity Research. Frenkel and Rose had been serving as interim co-directors and are both longtime leaders and investigators at Seattle Children’s Research Institute.

Under their guidance over the last 12 months, the Center has increased its grant portfolio, an important component of conducting research in today’s challenging funding climate. “We are looking forward to the leadership and vision that Drs. Frenkel and Rose will continue to bring to their Center,” said Bruder Stapleton, MD, senior vice president and chief academic officer.

Frenkel’s research tackles practical questions related to the prevention and treatment of HIV-1 infection in infants, children and adults. She and her team are interested in the implementation of interventions to prevent acquisition of HIV by pregnant and breastfeeding women, and mother-to-child-transmission in resource-limited communities. Frenkel currently oversees projects with colleagues in India, Kenya, Mozambique, Peru, Thailand, the U.S. and Zimbabwe.

Rose’s work focuses on Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpes virus and related viruses and their causative role in Kaposi’s sarcoma and other AIDS-related malignancies. Kaposi’s sarcoma was recognized as one of the first clinical manifestations of HIV and today remains the most common AIDS-associated malignancy. It is one of the most common pediatric cancers in Africa and has become the most common cancer in the general population in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Researchers at the Center for Childhood Infections and Prematurity translate basic biology into strategies for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases and conditions that impact children locally, nationally and globally. Investigators are studying the role of pathogens in chronic infectious diseases, targeting both viral and bacterial pathogens. Avenues of research include infection-associated cancers, mechanisms of pathogen persistence and virulence, antibiotic resistance and pathogen diagnostics.

“Lisa and Tim bring outstanding leadership skills to their new roles,” said James Hendricks, PhD, president of Seattle Children’s Research Institute. “In addition, these very experienced researchers have unsurpassed knowledge of complicated pediatric infections and are truly respected by colleagues within the Seattle community and around the world. The knowledge and skills they bring to these new positions will help us attain the goal of finding ways to diagnose, treat and prevent infectious diseases that impact children and families.”

Frenkel and Rose are also faculty members at the University of Washington, and hold the title of professor of pediatrics. The Center for Childhood Infections and Prematurity Research is one of nine interdisciplinary centers at Seattle Children’s Research Institute that address areas central to pediatric health and use an open lab format to foster a rich collaborative environment.

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