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Doctors urge caution in prescribing antibiotics for children
11.19.13 — KING 5 TV

With flu season just ahead, the American Academy of Pediatrics this week is urging doctors to be extra diligent about ... cont.

Seattle Children’s awarded $9.8 million to beat lung infections
11.19.13 — Seattle P-I

In a clinical trial spanning 45 sites across the country, researchers at Seattle Children’s will tackle one of the hard-to-beat ... cont.

Results of a parental survey may help predict childhood immunization status
11.18.13 — Science Daily

Scores on a survey to measure parental hesitancy about vaccinating their children were associated with immunization status, ... cont.

Tumor Paint: Changing the way surgeons fight cancer
11.15.13 — CNN

Theaudience at Pop! Tech's annual conference rose to its feet as Dr. Jim Olson of Seattle Children’s wrapped up his talk on ... cont.

Could walking to school reduce childhood obesity?
11.14.13 — KOMO TV

As obesity rates continue to rise in the United States, many experts are looking for new tools to fight this epidemic. But, a ... cont.

PG-13 Movies: More Guns
11.11.13 — Huffington Post

PG-movies now have more gun violence than R-rated ones. Proof again I suppose that violence sells, especially to teens. When ... cont.

Doctors recommend limited screen time for children
11.11.13 — NPR

A recent report from Common Sense Media shows that time spent using technology – specifically mobile media devices – by younger ... cont.

Trans fat ban could bring smaller waistlines
11.11.13 — NPR

Most people know trans fats aren't good for you, but sometimes the urge to ignore your health wins out. That will all change if ... cont.

How environment impacts early brain development
11.6.13 — KING 5 TV

Newresearch suggests environment can play a key role in in early childhood brain development. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson of Seattle ... cont.

9-year-old cancer patient's dream comes true: She sees her parents get married
11.5.13 — NBC's Today Show

When a 9-year-old girl who is battling leukemia says that her biggest dream in life is to see her parents get married, what’s a ... cont.

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Overcoming the Odds: A KING 5 TV Children's HealthLink Special 0:44:45Expand

In the spirit of the holidays, patients, parents and doctors share inspirational stories of healing and hope. From surviving heart failure and a near-death drowning to battling a flesh-eating disease, witness how the impossible became possible thanks to the care patients received at Seattle Children's Hospital.

Play Video
Miracle Season 2013 0:57:06Expand

Miracle Season, hosted by Steve Pool and Molly Shen, aired Dec. 8, 2013, on KOMO 4 TV. The annual holiday special celebrates the remarkable lives of Seattle Children's patients.

Play Video
Children’s Mental Health 0:00:30Expand

Mark Fadool, clinical director of mental health services at Odessa Brown Children's Clinic, provides early warning signs of mental health issues in kids and teens and urges us all to notice the signs and act early.

Play Video