Important Notice Regarding CIS View

Effective January 24, 2015, CIS View is no longer available. To request access to our interim system, please email Paige Reed or call 206-987-1783, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.– 5 p.m.

To obtain faxed medical documentation from Health Information Management (HIM), please call 206-987-2173, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.– 4 p.m. After hours and on weekends, please call 206-987-2172.

Technical Support

If you need technical assistance, we recommend you start by reviewing the following topics:

For additional assistance, call 206-987-1111, and a representative will assist you. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your full name, role (MD, NP, RN, MA) and location of your practice
  • The name of the application you are using
  • Your user name
  • The type of browser you are using, e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox for Windows, Firefox for Mac
  • What you were doing when the problem occurred. Be specific - include details such as the patient's name, section of the chart you were viewing and the button/link/ tab you pressed, etc.
  • Any error messages you received - write down the message exactly as it appeared on your screen.
  • Any recent changes to your computer, such as the installation of new software or hardware

Training Resources

We offer a variety of online resources to support you as you are learning how to use these services.

Various handouts were provided in your welcome packet. Please see your office manager for more information. You can also view these handouts online (PDF).