June 2017 Bulletin

New Eating Disorder – Refeeding Pathway Is Live

Adolescent Medicine; Psychiatry; Hospital Medicine; Emergency Medicine; Nutrition; Patient and Family Education and Communication Services; Nursing; and Clinical Effectiveness have collaborated to create the new Eating Disorder – Refeeding Pathway.

The objective is to improve the quality of care for patients admitted for medical stabilization due to severe malnutrition as a result of eating disorders (e.g., anorexia nervosa, avoidant restrictive food intake disorder, eating disorder unspecified or bulimia nervosa). The new pathway will help:

  • Increase patient, family, and provider education about severe malnutrition, eating disorders, refeeding process and expectations of hospitalization.
  • Increase provider, staff, patient and family adherence to the Eating Disorder – Refeeding Pathway and Guidelines of Care.
  • Decrease patient length of stay while providing safe refeeding and adhering to national discharge guidelines for medical stability.

For further information, please reference the Eating Disorder – Refeeding Pathway page (PDF) or contact the pathway team at eatingdisorderrefeeding@seattlechildrens.org.

Upcoming Grand Rounds for June 2017 (CME Credit Available)

Upcoming Grand Rounds

  • June 1: Socioeconomic Determinants of Cardiovascular Disease
  • June 8: Adolescent Medicine Transitions
  • June 15: Disaster Management
  • June 22: Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation, a Sweet Branch of Biochemical Genetics
  • June 29: Beginning With the End in Mind: Cardiotoxicity After Childhood Cancer

For Provider Grand Rounds information, visit our Grand Rounds page.

Watch Past Grand Rounds online

  • Responding to a Parental Request to Not Tell an Adolescent That She Has Cancer
  • Progress in Treatment of Neuroblastoma: Past, Present and Future
  • Dermatologic Manifestations of Immunodeficiencies

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New Medical Staff and Allied Health Professionals for June 2017

Medical staff

  • Jayson Vincent Lingan, MD, Seattle Children's, Neonatology
  • Sarah Menashe, MD, Seattle Children's, Radiology
  • Kathy Stepien, MD, Rainforest Pediatric Care, Hospital Medicine

Allied health professionals

  • Brianne Dennis, ARNP, Seattle Children's, Surgical Specialties
  • Victoria Gerhart, ARNP, Seattle Children's, Cancer and Blood Disorders Center
  • Shannon LeMaster, ARNP, Seattle Children's, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
  • Linda Pfister, ARNP, Seattle Children's, Emergency Medicine
  • Laura Stringfield, ARNP, Seattle Children's, Surgical Specialties