Important Notice Regarding CIS View

Effective January 24, CIS View is no longer available. To request access to the new system, please contact

To obtain faxed medical documentation from Health Information Management (HIM), please call 206-987-2173 Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4 p.m. After hours and weekends, please call 206-987-2172.

If you need to speak with someone urgently on the physician relations team, please page 206-469-1360.

Apply for Access

Below are instructions and guidelines for obtaining access to eReferral.

You may want to print out a copy of these instructions before getting started.

  1. Download the registration form (XLS).
  2. Use the Tab key to move from yellow box to yellow box.
  3. Only enter a location if your practice group has more than one site or location.
  4. Use the Address2 row to enter a suite or building number.
  5. Select a Practice Manager, Medical Director and Technical (IT), and provide their names, phone numbers and email addresses. These contacts fit the following profiles:
    • Practice Manager: Usually the clinic manager who serves as the contact for communication and coordination of new users and timely removal of users no longer in the practice. In addition, provides general administrative support.
    • Medical Director: RN or physician who can serve as a resource for clinically related questions.
    • Technical (IT): The person responsible for the initial setup for the practice, and who can help practice groups troubleshoot technical issues. Can also work with the IS team at Seattle Children's if needed.
  6. Click on the dropdown arrow key to select the role (Physician, Nurse, MA/Assistant/Office Staff).
  7. Each physician and NP/PA must be listed as a member of your practice group even if they do not plan to use this application. To access a patient's medical record, you must have a relationship to the provider. Nurses and other staff in the office will view patient information by selecting a provider.
  8. Once it's completed, save the spreadsheet to your hard drive.
  9. Attach it to an email and send it to
  10. If you have any questions, email us at