Seattle Children's has implemented a new policy that outlines requirements for emails containing protected health information (PHI) sent to external healthcare providers, patients and their families.

The HIPAA Security Rule sets national standards for the security of electronic PHI. Children's is committed to providing these required security protections, one of which is encrypting emails that contain PHI.

If you do not have a Children's email account and you receive a message in your inbox indicating that you have a secure, encrypted message from Seattle Children's, follow these steps:

To open the message, click on the SecureMessageAtt.html, which will open a screen like this:

Secure Message

Next, "Click to read message"; you will then be prompted to set a password and/or login. Once you have done this, the email message will display and you can read, reply, forward or delete the message. (Any future secure emails from Children's will use this same password/login.)

Click to Read

Encryption is not necessary if a pre-configured, secure connection (TLS) between your organization's and Children's email servers is already established.

    If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact Cris Ewell by email or at 206-987-5077 or Sue Stubbs by email or at 206-987-3869.

    If you have difficulty retrieving encrypted email messages from Children's, please contact our Service Desk at 206-987-1111.