PHINConnect is a secure password-protected internet portal that allows non–Seattle Children’s referring physicians, other licensed referring healthcare practitioners and their support staff to access the Seattle Children’s medical records of the patients that they have a treatment relationship with.

Eligibility for PHINConnect

This convenient, free service is designed specifically for referring physicians and other licensed healthcare practitioners who are providing direct patient care. Other clinicians and staff who work for a practice may also enroll as part of an PHINConnect group account as long as there is at least one enrollee who is a licensed practitioner with a registered NPI.

Benefits of PHINConnect

PHINConnect allows you to follow your patient's progress by viewing the content from the electronic medical record that Seattle Children’s providers use. This communication of patient records can result in enhanced provider-to-provider communication and improved continuity of patient care.

  • Patient records are available within 48 hours of being dictated, transcribed and uploaded. This will save you time in requesting and receiving faxed or mailed records.
  • Printed records are not mailed or faxed until they are authenticated by the attending physicians (which can take up to two weeks to be received by mail or fax).
  • You will have access to records that include:
    • Lab results
    • Dictated notes and transcripts
    • Medication lists
    • Radiology reports

How to Enroll

  • Download the PHINConnect registration form (XLS) and complete it on your computer.
  • Email is preferred for submitting the form. Please send it as an attachment to We recommend you save it to your computer first.
  • If email isn’t an option for you, you may print and fax it to 206-985-3118.
  • A group administrator will need to be designated, and will be responsible for providing verification for continued access for each of the members of the group account.
  • Once you are provisioned for a PHINConnect account, you will receive a welcome email explaining the identity verification steps required to establish a PHINConnect user ID and password for PHINConnect access.

Accessing Your Patients’ Records

You will have access to patients with whom an established treatment relationship has been recorded within our system. Patients who are referred by other clinicians in your practice location can also be accessed.

Radiology Reports and Images

You will have access through PHINConnect to your patient’s radiology reports. Images are not available at this time.