Michelle Starr, Matthew Blessing, and patient

Dr. Michelle Starr works with preceptor Dr. Matthew Blessing and a young patient at UW Neighborhood Kent/Des Moines Clinic. (Photo by Clare McLean/UW Medicine)

The continuity clinic experience offers residents the opportunity to provide longitudinal care to children throughout their three years of training. Our community clinics give residents the ability to cultivate relationships within the diverse communities of Seattle.

In addition to regularly scheduled clinic time throughout the year, R1s will spend a four-week block rotation focused on Community Pediatrics based at their clinic site. This allows R1s to develop a greater understanding of the clinic as well as grow the patient panel they will follow throughout residency. This rotation also allows R1s the opportunity to experience a multitude of community-based services relevant for caring for the families in the context of their community.

Sheryl Morelli, Tyler Tate, and family

Preceptor Dr. Sheryl Morelli (left) looks on as Dr. Tyler Tate (with stethoscope) greets a family. (Photo by Clare McLean/UW Medicine)

The clinic sites are as varied as our residents' interests, with each offering unique opportunities and perspectives. We believe you will find a continuity clinic site to nurture whatever your unique interests and goals may be as a pediatrician.

In addition to the sites listed below, some residents have their continuity clinic experience with private-practice pediatricians and smaller public-health or community-health clinics throughout the greater Seattle area.

For all sites, a system-wide case-based continuity clinic curriculum is available for weekly teaching by clinic preceptors. These cases, along with handouts and reference articles, are catalogued on our password-protected residency website for reference.

Harborview Pediatric Clinics

Harborview Pediatric Clinics are primary care clinics within Seattle's county hospital, Harborview Medical Center. These clinics serve primarily underserved inner-city children. Many patients are recent immigrants from eastern Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia and Central America. These are well-developed, specialized clinics that excel at caring for children with high medical and social needs.

North Public Health

North Public Health is one of the three King County Public Health Centers with a focus on child health. The clinic serves a diverse population of varied races and ethnicities, notably Latino, Ethiopian, Korean and Chinese, among many others. This is a rapidly growing and thriving pediatric practice where family practice physicians and pediatricians work together in promotion of community health.

Odessa Brown Children's Clinic

Odessa Brown Children's Clinic is an inner-city satellite clinic of Seattle Children's Hospital which provides general pediatric care and sickle-cell specialty care, as well as dental and mental health services. "Odessa" has been a vital institution serving the African-American and Latino communities in the Central District of Seattle for more than 40 years. The clinic is a cherished part of the central Seattle community.

UW Pediatric Care Center at Roosevelt

UW Pediatric Care Center at Roosevelt offers an opportunity to experience a continuity clinic in a practice resembling that found in most urban settings. Clinic patients are culturally and ethnically diverse and represent a varied socio-economic spectrum, ranging from low-income families to children of university faculty and staff. Many patients are recruited from the UW Newborn Nursery as infants, allowing the resident to develop a relationship with the family from birth. Roosevelt clinic also houses the Center for Adoption Medicine.

UW Neighborhood Kent/Des Moines Clinic

UW Neighborhood Kent/Des Moines Clinic is our newest community training site for pediatric residents. The clinic's patient population is derived primarily from the surrounding areas of Kent, Des Moines, Tukwila and South Seattle (approximately 80,000 children under the age of 19), as well as from outlying cities such as Auburn, Federal Way, Renton, Pullayup and Tacoma. The Kent/Des Moines community is culturally diverse with a significant number of families whose primary language is Spanish, and many families from Cambodia, Taiwan and Vietnam.