What is a medical observership? What do you mean by "medical" observership?

A medical observership is an experience where individuals with or without prior medical education can observe medical professionals as they care for patients and families for a specific period of time in this healthcare facility.

What can I do as an observer?

To "observe" means just that. As an observer, your role is "visitor" and is totally hands-off. You cannot provide patient care or have direct comunication with patients.

How long can I observe?

Observership experiences are usually between one to three days and shall not exceed 30 consecutive days.

Can I get academic credit?

No academic credit will be given. If you are in a current U.S. residency or fellowship training program, you must be processed through the Office of Graduate Medical Education at Seattle Children's as a visiting resident.

Is an observership the same thing as a job shadow?


I still have questions. Whom do I contact?

Julie Povick, Manager of International Exchanges.