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Learning and Simulation Center


Learning and Simulation Center  

The Learning and Simulation Center (LSC) focuses on developing competent, high-performing interdisciplinary healthcare teams that provide the safest patient care possible. The LSC’s aim is to improve competence and performance of our healthcare providers through implementing simulation-based practices that improve skills, develop critical thinking and apply effective teamwork and communication strategies.

Our primary goal is to provide safe patient care and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The center designs and facilitates innovative learner-centered education around proven critical behaviors necessary for optimal performance. It provides healthcare professionals with safe and engaging opportunities to assess their performance, including strengths and weaknesses, in doing high-risk or rarely encountered clinical scenarios. It also allows healthcare professionals to assess and evaluate competence and performance in lower-risk, patient-centered, efficient and timely care. It maintains critical skills and competence at the highest possible levels of behavior and performance.


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Contact Us

Don Stephanian 

425-246-3275 (scheduling for LSC)
866-987-2000 (toll-free/operator)

MS 41-A
PO Box 5371
Seattle, WA 98145-5005