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Pediatric and Neonatal Transport Service


Air and Ground Transport

The Pediatric and Neonatal Transport Service is a collaboration between Airlift Northwest and Seattle Children’s neonatal transport service to provide a single point of entry for both air and ground transport for pediatric and neonatal care. The specialists available 24/7 to take your call and provide medical control for the transport include neonatologists, pediatric critical care physicians, cardiac intensivists, emergency medicine physicians and pediatric hospitalists.

To transport a patient to Seattle Children’s, call 206-987-8899 or toll free 866-987-8899

Prior to transport:

  • Inform and obtain consent from family to transport to Seattle Children’s by ground or air
  • Inform family that one family member may ride along in the ambulance or fixed wing aircraft (at pilot's discretion, based on safety)

Please provide the following to the transport RN:

  • Patient's medical record
  • Transfer summary
  • Lab data, including numbers to call for pending results
  • Radiographic studies (copies, originals or CDs)
  • Name, phone and fax numbers of physicians involved in the patient's care to ensure communication upon arrival at Seattle Children’s.

For level one trauma, contact Harborview Transfer Center: 1-888-731-4791

For Referring Providers

Information on referring patients, CIS View, eReferral, PACS Web, accessing medical records, continuing medical education (CME) and more.


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