Why choose the IDL?

The Immunology Diagnostic Laboratory (IDL) at Seattle Children's Research Institute provides state-of-the-art testing and is overseen by clinical immunologists who are experts in their field:

CIIT Division of Immunology

Division of Immunology (front row, from left to right): Mark Hannibal, MD, PhD; Suzanne Skoda-Smith, MD; Kelly Hetherington, MD (senior fellow); Kathey Mohan, ARNP; Hans Ochs, MD; (back row, from left to right): David Jeong, MD (fellow); Troy Torgerson, MD, PhD; David Rawlings, MD; Andrew Scharenberg, MD

  • The Immunology Diagnostic Laboratory can provide you with the "whole picture," including genetic sequence, protein expression information and, in many cases, protein function information to fully assess the impact of a particular genetic defect and its potential association with disease.
  • Our team is made up of nationally and internationally recognized experts, widely published in the fields of immunology and primary immune deficiency diseases, who oversee testing and interpretation of results and are readily available to discuss potential testing strategies, results and therapeutic options.
  • Our lab utilizes state-of-the-art Flow Cytometry Core and Viral Core instrumentation, and is a Jeffrey Modell Diagnostic Center for primary immune deficiency diseases.

In most cases where a gene mutation is not identified within the protein coding portion of a particular gene, we are able investigate noncoding and regulatory regions of the gene on a research basis upon request.

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CIIT Scharenberg Microscope

Dr. Andrew Scharenberg, Immunology Diagnostic Laboratory (IDL) team member, co-directs the Program in Cell and Gene Therapy.