The Department of Surgery:
Growth and Scholarship

RobertSawin,MD_173x173 2013 was a year of continued progress in advancing our primary goals to provide the best possible surgical care for children, advance our fields through surgical innovation, and train the future pediatric surgical leaders of America.

The arrival of Dr. Jonathan Chen as our new division chief in Cardiothoracic Surgery accelerated the growth of our congenital heart surgery program, expanded our extracorporeal support program for heart failure patients, and enhanced our regional congenital heart surgery program in collaboration with Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma.

Dr. Jeff Ojemann's appointment as chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery secures that program's status as a leading program in the country and attracts the nation's top candidates for its clinical fellowship. The neurosurgery group is also extremely productive in their scholarly work, making significant contributions to the areas of neurophysiology, epilepsy, hydrocephalus and neuro-oncology.

Our neurosurgery faculty is an integral part of another of our nationally renowned programs: the Seattle Children's Craniofacial Program, which continues to expand its clinical volume, attract patients from throughout the country, and make major contributions to the literature with both clinical and translational research. Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Hopper, that program also attracts the top candidates for its fellowship training program.

Otolaryngology continues to be the busiest clinical program in our institution, seeing more patients in clinic and performing more operations than any other group of physicians. The division's funded faculty investigators, like Drs. David Horn, Henry Ou, Jonathan Perkins and their colleagues, continue to be major contributors to their fields. Dr. Andy Inglis was honored this year with the Gabriel Tucker Award from the American Laryngologic Society for his development of an innovative surgical procedure that has revolutionized the care of children with a complex airway condition.

The Pediatric Urology division has become a national leader with innovative clinical and research programs like maintaining fertility for children facing cancer and helping children with disorders of sexual differentiation, a program led by Dr. Margarett Shnorhavorian. Dr. Tom Lendvay's funded research focuses on the development of simulation and robotics in the treatment of urologic conditions.

Faculty in General and Thoracic Surgery and Ophthalmology have expanded their clinic programs and continue to be significant contributors to their specialty fields with important clinical research, an increasing output of quality improvement studies, and outcome studies using large databases. Dr. Kim Riehle in General Surgery has received prestigious research fellowships from both the American College of Surgeons and the American Surgical Association to support her basic research in the liver's response to injury and its ability to regenerate.

We're delighted that the Department of Surgery continues to make great progress in expanding its clinical programs and advancing outstanding scholarship - attracting the nation's best fellowship candidates who will become the leaders in the fields of pediatric surgical care.

Robert Sawin, M.D.