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Emergency Medicine


Leadership and Faculty

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Emergency Medicine

Academic Title: Professor, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Dept of Pediatrics, UW School of Medicine

George A. (Tony) Woodward, MD, MBA, is Medical Director of the Division of Emergency Medicine at Seattle Childrens Hospital and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He is also the Medical Director for Transport ... cont.

Featured Faculty


  • Tausala Coleman, MD
  • Ryan Kearney, MD
  • Lori Rutman, MD, MPH
  • Abby Schuh, MD
  • Jon Silverman, MD
  • Anita Thomas

Team Member Spotlight

Rupy Sandhu, RN

Clinical practice manager

I am proud to be part of our team’s continual process improvement work to design and build a model of clinical care that supports best practices for patients and families in medical crisis – in an environment where quality and patient safety are the driving forces. In the last year, we have completed six “plan-do-study-act” iterations looking at patient flow, patient outcomes and feedback from our leadership and clinical staff – all to deliver the best care.

Academic Annual Report