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Best of 2011

  • New Hope for Damaged Nerves

    The Brachial Plexus Palsy Clinic helps kids regain function from a condition once thought to be untreatable

  • Progress in Cord Blood Transplants

    Dr. Colleen Delaney’s pioneering approach to accelerating white blood cell recovery after cord blood transplant moves to phase II trials

  • Benefits of CF Drug Confirmed

    A new drug – the first to address the cause of cystic fibrosis – signals a breakthrough for CF patients.

  • New Treatment for Hemangiomas

    Dr. Jonathan Perkins’ use of a blood pressure medicine to treat hemangiomas has reduced the need for surgery by 75%. Now he’s studying why the drug... cont.

Research on the Rise

Research Space and Funding 2011

Inquiry in Action

  • Developing a Modern Shunt

    A new kind of hydrocephalus shunt being developed by Dr. Sam Browd incorporates the latest technologies and promises to dramatically reduce failure rates.

  • Improving Quality of Life After Cancer

    Drs. Scott Baker and Eric Chow are on a mission to help survivors of childhood cancer live their healthiest possible lives.

  • Improving Tools for Gene Repair

    Innovations in enzyme development move researchers in Seattle closer to making precision gene manipulation a therapeutic reality.

  • Taking Aim at a Global Health Threat

    Seattle Children’s lands a major NIH grant to take a multi-pronged look at how the virus that causes Kaposi’s sarcoma spreads and turns cancerous.