Who Can Participate

Do I have to be 18 to participate?

Classes at the Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center are designed specifically for adults with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. You should be at least 18, or turn 18 during the quarter, to participate in classes.

Are caregivers allowed or required to attend classes?

Participants who require a 1:1 aide or caregiver are required to have this person attend classes with them. Caregivers are expected to participate in the class and work within the instructors’ directions to ensure participants gain the most significant outcome from classes.

Can my sibling or parent attend class with me?

Siblings or parents may attend class as a caregiver or additional support, but are asked to engage in the class and work within the instructors’ directions.

How do I know which classes will meet my needs?

To best serve the diverse needs of each participant, please use this key as a frame of reference when deciding which classes are best suited. 

  • Level I: Activities are intended for individuals who need a high level of support, which may include: a 1:1 caregiver (who must come to classes), hand-over-hand assistance, visual schedules and behavioral support for challenging behaviors such as tantrums, self-injury or yelling.
  • Level II: Activities are intended for individuals who can follow verbal directions, express needs and wants and function mostly independent. These adults may engage in some challenging behaviors, and may require may require a 1:1 aide at discretion of staff.
  • Level III: Activities are intended for individuals who are highly independent and may have high functioning ASD (formerly known as Asperger syndrome). Participants are able to communicate verbally and challenging behaviors are minimal to none.
  • All: Activities are designed for individuals of all abilities to participate in together.

*Some classes incorporate more than one level, such as Levels II/III.

Registration and Payment

Can I choose to attend only one class in a series?

Participants are welcome to attend one or several classes in a series. After you complete the intake form (PDF) and meet with Burnett Adult Life Center intake staff, they will make suggestions as to which classes would be a good fit, considering your individual goals, needs, desires and abilities. Classes are designed to complement existing programs and activities and are intended to offer additional social, recreational and living skills opportunities for adults.

How do I know if a class is a good fit for me?

After you complete the intake form, Burnett Adult Life Center staff will schedule a 1:1 meeting with you and relevant caretakers to determine interests, needed support and abilities, in order to identify appropriate classes for you.

Can I participate while in school or other programs?

The Burnett Adult Life Center is designed to support the transition out of secondary education and into adulthood. We warmly welcome adults who may be participating in transition or other school programs to attend.

If a class is full, can I be put on a waiting list?

Once you complete the intake form, Burnett Adult Life Center staff will follow up to coordinate an in-person meet-and-greet. At that time we will determine potential classes that may be suited for you. If a class is full, our staff will manage a waiting list and inform you when additional classes or openings become available.

Class Format

How many people are in a class?

Class size varies, but may typically have between four and 12 participants, depending on topic.

How long are classes?

Class length varies, but may typically last one to two hours depending on topic.

How long is a class series?

Classes will typically run for a 12-week session and align with most community and public colleges’ quarter schedules. In the future, workshops or one-time classes will be offered; the duration of those will depend on topic.

How often are new classes added?

Each quarter, we will evaluate the previous quarter’s schedule and, with feedback from participants, modify classes to best meet the needs of the community.

Cancellations or Sickness

What happens if I do not like a class?

We will make every effort possible to accommodate requests for transfers or refunds. We are not able to process day-of-class cancellations. We ask that you please call the Burnett Adult Life Center at 425-488-6173 to discuss class concerns with our program.

What happens if I am sick and unable to attend a class?

If you are sick, please call 425-488-6173 to notify our staff as soon as possible. We are not able to process day-of-class cancellations, but we will make every effort possible to provide a class credit.

Transportation, Food, Medications and Amenities

Is transportation provided?

Participants must coordinate their own transportation to and from the Burnett Adult Life Center. Conveniently located in the heart of Bothell, the center is close to a bus line and has ample, free parking in our private lot.

Are meals provided?

Meals and snacks are not provided. However, refrigerator space is available for participants to store needed snacks or drinks while at the center.  

Is there staff to assist with medication distribution?

Since the Burnett Adult Life Center follows a social and recreational model and is not a medical clinic, staff will not be able to assist in distributing medication or helping with other personal care. Participants requiring this support will be asked to bring their caregiver to assist.

Can I enroll in a class midway through the quarter?

To build relationships with instructors and other participants, we will typically encourage participants to begin at the start of a quarter.

What other types of activities will happen at the Burnett Adult Life Center?

In addition to daytime classes, we may host evening workshops, social activities and more. Some events may include movie nights, dances or socials, and opportunities for evening drop-in time.

Teaching or Volunteering

How can I teach a class?

For more information, please call 425-488-6173 or email us.

How can I volunteer?

Please email us to inquire about opportunities.