The Burnett Adult Life Center offers a wide range of classes to promote skill-building, socialization and recreation. Classes and activities are not meant to replace current therapies or treatments.

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Classes and activities vary by quarter and may include:

  • Social and recreational classes or activities like:
    • Music, art, gardening, games, drama and nighttime social events
  • Health and wellness classes or activities like:
    • Yoga, Zumba, creative movement, adaptive PE
  • Independent living and life skill classes or activities like:
    • Cooking, communication classes, community outings, shopping, home living skills, volunteering, job training and social skills

Our program takes into account diverse strengths, interests and needs of adults and is organized into different levels (Level I, Level II, Level III) to best place adults among peers with similar interests and skills.

Burnett Center staff will make suggestions for which classes are best suited for each individual during the intake process. Some adults may be a good fit in varying levels depending on class topic.

  • Level I: Activities are intended for individuals who need a high level of support, people who require a 1:1 caregiver (who must come to classes), hand-over-hand assistance, medication management or distribution, restroom assistance, visual schedules or behavioral support for challenging behaviors such as minor tantrums, self-injury or yelling. Classes are not intended for participants that have significant disruptive behaviors, including physical aggression towards self or others, verbal aggression with the intent of threatening or causing harm to others, or property destruction with the intent of causing harm to others or self. If an individual does have any of these challenging behaviors, please discuss the level of severity with Alyssa Burnett staff.
  • Level II: Activities are intended for individuals who can follow verbal directions, express needs and wants and function mostly independently. These adults may engage in some challenging behaviors, and may require a 1:1 caregiver at the discretion of staff.
  • Level III: Activities are intended for individuals who are highly independent and may have high-functioning autism (formerly known as Asperger’s syndrome). Participants are able to communicate verbally, and challenging behaviors are minimal to none.
  • All: Activities are designed for individuals of all abilities to participate in together.

Some classes may incorporate more than one level, such as Level I/Level II or Level II/Level III.

About Our Facility

Located in the heart of Bothell, the Alyssa Burnett Center is beautifully renovated and thoughtfully designed for the adult population. Hosting 12,000 square feet of space, including a commercial-grade kitchen, expansive great room used for fitness and recreation activities, two classrooms, a media room and a computer/gaming lounge.

The 12,000-square-foot center was designed for people with developmental disabilities. It features a large community room with hardwood floors, natural light and ceilings that absorb sound. There are three break-off classrooms. The building also has a commercial-grade kitchen; a sensory room with swings, beanbag chairs, hideouts and more; a media and club room with a 70-inch TV and games; and a board room with a large conference table.

Participants provide or arrange their own transportation to and from the center.