Before Transplant

We must give your child a complete check-up to find out if a liver transplant is right for her. This is called a pre-transplant evaluation.

Your child's evaluation will include:

  • Clinic visits with the transplant team
  • A review of your child's medical records and history (including surgery)
  • A physical exam
  • Blood work and diagnostic tests

The pre-transplant evaluation may take place over several days. You may make several visits to the Liver Clinic and other clinics during that time.

After your child's evaluation, the transplant team will decide whether a liver transplant is the best option for your child.

If your family and the transplant team agree that a liver transplant is the right decision, your child will be put on the waiting list for a liver, even if a living-donor liver transplant is being considered.

There are many things you must do and keep in mind while waiting for a liver transplant.