About the Liver Transplant Program

Our Liver Transplant Program provides compassionate, state-of-the-art care to children who have liver disease. At Seattle Children's Hospital, we have been performing liver transplant surgery since 1990.

We treat infants, children, teens and young adults from birth through age 21 for many types of short-term and chronic liver disorders and liver failure in our Liver and Intestine Transplant Clinic.

As the only pediatric liver transplant program in the Pacific Northwest, we provide care before, during and after liver transplant.

The outcomes of our well-regarded program are among the best in the nation.

Our Team

Our liver transplant team is led by:

  • Dr. Patrick Healey, Seattle Children's division chief of transplantation
  • Dr. Jorge Reyes, director of transplant services at both Seattle Children's and the University of Washington
  • Dr. Simon Horslen, medical director of liver and intestine transplant at Seattle Children's

Dr. Healey is one of the few pediatric transplant surgeons with expertise in both transplantation and pediatric surgery. He has performed more than 100 liver transplantations on children.

Listed as one of the Best Doctors in America, Dr. Reyes is also one of the most experienced pediatric liver transplant surgeons in the United States, having performed 200 multi-organ transplantations and more than 1,000 liver transplantations.

Dr. Horslen is an internationally recognized pediatric liver specialist and transplant doctor.

Our transplant doctors are constantly improving surgery techniques and immunosuppression strategies to provide patients and families with the most current treatments and the best care in pediatric gastroenterology - the branch of medicine concerned with the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach and intestines.

What is a liver transplant?

A liver transplant is the process of removing a patient's diseased liver and replacing it with a healthy donor liver. The transplant process requires extensive preparation and lifelong follow-up care.

Children need a liver transplant because they have a liver disease or condition that has damaged the organ beyond repair. The only treatment option for liver failure is a transplant. Learn more about how the liver works.

How does the transplant process work?

One way that Seattle Children's supports your child and family through this challenging time is by helping you understand as much as possible about the transplant process. Learn what to expect if your child needs a liver transplant.