Clinic and Follow-Up Visits

During the first year after the transplantation, your child will need to visit the Nephrology Clinic frequently for lab and clinic visits.

A typical schedule of post-transplant clinic visits might be:

Period After SurgeryNumber of Clinic VisitsNumber of Labs
Day 1 to 30Twice a weekThree times a week
Days 31 to 90Once a weekTwice a week
Days 91 to 210Twice a monthOnce a week
After day 210Once a monthOnce a month

This is a general guideline. If your child is doing well, labs and clinic visits may be less frequent. If your child is having complications, visits may be more frequent.

Also, please remember:

  • We must be able to contact you at any time. We need to have current work and home phone numbers.
  • Your child will need lifelong medical and transplant follow-up - throughout childhood and into adulthood - to ensure the best kidney function and to evaluate for any transplant-related problems that may occur.
  • Your child's transplant nurse coordinator or transplant nurse practitioner will act as your contact for any problems or questions.

For appointments or scheduling, contact the Nephrology Clinic.