What Happens in the Liver and Intestine Transplant Clinic?

We are committed to providing optimal growth and quality of life for your child. The Liver and Intestine Transplant Clinic at Seattle Children's Hospital provides support and follow-up services, including education and counseling, for all of our patients and their families.

Your child will visit the clinic for most appointments before and after the transplantation. The transplantation surgery will also be performed at Seattle Children's.

Whom Will We See in the Transplant Clinic?

Your child will be cared for by the same team of doctors, nurses and specialists before, during and after the transplantation. Our team of specialists includes:

Pediatric transplant surgeons

Doctors who perform transplant operations on children

Pediatric hepatologists

Doctors who care for children with diseases of the liver

Pediatric gastroenterologists

Doctors who care for children who have severe problems with their digestive systems

Pediatric anesthesiologists

Doctors who give children medicine to sleep during surgery

Physician assistants

Licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision

Advanced registered nurse practitioners

Nurses with master's degrees who take primary responsibility for the care of their patients

Registered nurse coordinators

Nurses who coordinate whom your child will see during clinic visits


Ensure your child gets the nutrition they need for growth and development


Prepare medications prescribed by doctors and tell you about a medicine's purpose, effectiveness and side effects

Social workers

Help families understand and address the emotional and practical aspects of medical care

Child life specialists

Work with patients and families to help reduce anxiety, develop positive coping skills and adjust to the hospital experience; also provide information about play, child development and adjustments to illness

Transplant specialists

Schedule visits and help patients and families manage insurance coverage and finances