In the year after the transplantation, you will be required to bring your child to the Heart Transplant Clinic frequently for lab and clinic visits.

A typical schedule of post-transplant clinic visits might be:

After SurgeryNumber of Clinic Visits
Month 1Once to twice a week
Months 2 through 12Twice a month
Year 2Two to four times a year
Year 3 and onTwice a year

This is a general guideline. The actual schedule and follow-up visits will depend on how your child is doing, how the heart is functioning and whether your child has developed any additional problems after transplantation. If your child is having complications, visits may be more frequent.

Also, please remember:

  • We must be able to contact you at any time. We need to have current work and home phone numbers.
  • Your child's transplant nurse coordinator or transplant nurse practitioner will act as your contact for any problems or questions.

For appointments or scheduling, contact the Heart Transplant Center.