If your child suffers from a chronic disease that will lead to organ failure, solid organ transplant is the treatment of choice.

Seattle Children's Transplant Center offers comprehensive evaluation and care to patients who have end-stage diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys and intestine who may need an organ transplant. We treat every patient and family member with care, compassion and respect.

We are committed to providing optimal growth and quality of life for your child - and to helping your entire family return to a normal, active life.

During this very challenging time, your child will receive some of the best pediatric medical care available in the United States. In addition, we will help your entire family to learn new coping skills and to better understand the transplant process. Our transplant specialists are here to help you with insurance matters and financial counseling.

And all along the way - before, during and after surgery - you and your child will work with the same team of skilled transplant specialists.

Why Seattle Children's?

Seattle Children's Hospital has been a consistent leader among national pediatric transplant centers. The outcomes of our liver, heart and kidney transplant programs are among the best in the nation. Our intestine transplant program is the only one of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Transplant Center has recruited top transplant specialists and continues to add innovative programs.

Seattle Children's is the only provider of liver transplants in the region. Our liver transplant team is led by Dr. Patrick Healey, Seattle Children's division chief of Transplantation. He is one of the few pediatric transplant surgeons with expertise in both transplant and pediatric surgery. He has performed more than 100 liver transplantations on children.

Dr. Jorge Reyes, director of Transplant Services at Children's, is one of the most experienced pediatric liver transplant surgeons in the United States. He has performed 200 multi-organ transplantations and over 1,000 liver transplantations. He is also one of the few surgeons in the world who performs living donor liver transplants.

Our heart transplant team is led by Dr. Michael McMullan and Dr. Yuk Law.

Seattle Children's has performed over 100 pediatric heart transplants. We are dedicated to helping your whole family return to an active, normal life.

We are one of the top five kidney transplant centers in the United States. Our pediatric nephrology fellowship program - one of a handful in the United States - attracts the best and brightest young doctors from around the world because of our excellent patient and organ survival outcomes.

For children who have irreversible intestinal failure, our Intestinal Care Program is the only program in the Pacific Northwest - and one of only a few in the country - that has specialists who can perform intestine transplants. In fact, our specialists have provided care for more children who have intestinal failure than any other doctors in the nation.

Our Commitment to Organ Donation

Our physicians and nurses are working to improve access to organs for children who need lifesaving organ transplants. Because Seattle Children's provides specialty care across a six-state region - Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Hawaii - we are uniquely positioned to receive viable organs in a wider geographic area than many other children's hospitals. Providers in the Transplant Center are active with local, regional and national transplant groups. Our physicians maintain leadership positions with United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) committees and serve on the Organ Procurement Organization.

Learn more about heart, intestine, kidney and liver organ donation.