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Sports Physical Therapy

Meet the Sports Physical Therapy Care Team


Everyone on the Sports Physical Therapy team is a licensed physical therapist with advanced training in pediatric and orthopedic rehabilitation. Our physical therapists specialize in injury prevention, running and gait analysis, throwing and overhead sports, dance, gymnastics and team sports. We have board-certified orthopedic specialists, a licensed athletic trainer and team members who are certified in sport-specific biomechanics, including ballet, Pilates and golf. Whether your child is an elite athlete or just wants to get back to playing on the playground, our physical therapists can meet their unique needs.


  • Laura Crooks, OTR/L, director
  • Mimi Racicot, DPT, manager, Sports Rehabilitation

Seattle Main Campus

  • Linda Amazeen, PTA
  • Kristie Bombaro-McCollum, MPT
  • Sabina Havkins, PT ATC
  • Summer Ice-Tseng, DPT
  • Megan Miller, DPT
  • Kirsten Solberg, DPT

Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center

  • Lisa Apple, DPT
  • Lisa Flexner, PT, DPT, DMT
  • Richard Ford, Rehab Aide II
  • Whitney Marois, MPT OCS
  • Janet Morton, PT
  • David Piskulic, DPT ATC/L
  • Shannon Stone, DPT

Federal Way

  • Kristie Bombaro-McCollum, MPT
  • Natalie Johnson, DPT
  • Laura Opstedal, DPT, OCS

Mill Creek Clinic

  • Lisa Apple, DPT
  • Steve McKenzie, MPT, HPCS
  • Joe Smith, DPT
  • Ellie Somers, DPT


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Federal Way

253-838-5878, 206-987-6400

Mill Creek

206-987-6400, 866-987-2000 (Toll free)

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