If your child is having a sleep study (polysomnography or PSG), please:

  • Try to stick to your child's regular sleep schedule, including naps, for many days before the test.
  • On the day of the test, do not let your child have any food or drink that has caffeine, such as chocolate, coffee, tea or soft drinks.
  • Before coming to the Sleep Center, bathe your child and shampoo their hair. Do not use conditioner, hair spray, gel, body lotions or oils. These can cause the sensors to not stick well to your child's body. The sensors need to stick well so we get correct data.
  • Pack a bag with any special toy, blanket, pillow or stuffed animal your child likes to sleep with. Bring comfortable pajamas for your child; two-piece sets work best. No nightgowns, please.
  • The parent or caregiver who will be staying with your child should also bring an overnight bag with what they'll need for the overnight stay.
  • Bring any medicines that your child may need to take while at the Sleep Center.
  • For information on visiting Seattle Children's Hospital clinics, please see Your Child's Clinic Visit.