Pediatric Rheumatology Fellows

  • Eric Allenspach, MD, PhD
  • Sri Grevich, MD
  • Katharine Moore, MD

Registered Nurses

  • Ruth Aiken, RN
  • Kate Coffee, RN
  • Teresa Dodds, RN
  • Kellyn Grote, RN
  • Teresa Mitre, RN

Social Worker

  • Maricel Floresca, MSW


  • Jennifer Huber, RD

Physical and Occupational Therapists

  • Cherie Duval-White, OT
  • Peggy Smith, OT
  • Leslie Vogel, RPT 

Clinical Research Associates

  • Ching Hung
  • Lucas Reichley

We are so grateful for the doctors in Rheumatology! They are very professional and always answer all our questions!

Parent from Seattle, Washington