Seattle Children's Protection Program was established in 1990 with a commitment to improving the health and well-being of children by addressing the issues of child maltreatment, neglect and intimate interpersonal violence. Our SCAN (suspsected child abuse and neglect) clinical team includes child abuse board-certified physicians and social workers with expertise in child abuse and neglect and in intimate partner violence. Our mission is to assure that children who are suspected of having been abused or neglected receive the best care and protection using a multidisciplinary, evidence-based clinical care model.

Services We Offer

Clinical services

  • Our Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Team provides medical and psychosocial evaluation of children who are suspected victims of child maltreatment.
  • We provide expert consultation to clinical staff regarding protective issues that may emerge in the treatment of their patients.
  • We provide medical expertise for community health care providers and state child welfare caseworkers to facilitate decision-making and best practices.
  • We perform case reviews of serious physical abuse and neglect with a multidisciplinary team of community partners and hospital staff.
  • We provide consultation and support to Seattle Children's Hospital staff, trainees, families and community who have concerns about possible child abuse (physical and/or sexual) or neglect.

Education and research

  • Seattle Children's Hospital is a national leader in providing professional training, including a three-year ACGME-accredited fellowship in child abuse pediatrics, and in research to advance knowledge and to support policy changes to improve quality of life for maltreated children and families.
  • We offer internships with the University of Washington Graduate School of Social Work in the assessment and management of suspected child abuse and neglect and intimate interpersonal violence.

Safe Infant Sleep

This presentation, produced by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, outlines the basics of safe infant sleep practices and their relationship to sudden infant death prevention.


Stand Up, Step Forward

This is a campaign designed to increase awareness of teachers as the leading reporters of child abuse in the United States, and often the first advocates to help victims become survivors. This video, produced by the National Children's Alliance, will hopefully both inspire child victims to find the courage to report their abuse and adults to find the courage to take action.


Poison Prevention Home Tour

Dr. Suzan Mazor, of Seattle Children's Emergency Department, tours a home and points out how to keep children safe from poisons including medicine, cleaning products and cosmetics.