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Physical Therapy

Meet the Physical Therapy Care Team



  • Laura Crooks, clinic director
  • Cathy Graubert, PT, clinic manager

Physical Therapists

  • Linda Amazeen, PTA
  • Kristie Bombaro, PT
  • Gayle Bonato, PT
  • Kathy Day, PT
  • Toya Flunder, PTA
  • Jennifer Fridgen, PT
  • Deb Glazer, PT
  • Solveig Hart, PT
  • Sabina Havkins, PT
  • Susan Hutchinson, PT
  • Heidi Lee, PT
  • Connie Leibow, PT
  • Sarah Lewis, PT
  • Jane Mason, PT
  • Carrie Miller, PT
  • Sheridan Remley, PT
  • Liz Spinrad, PT
  • Rachelle Steijn, PT
  • Nan Street, PT
  • Gail Svitil, PT
  • Sarah Tosti, PT
  • Leslie Vogel, PT
  • Shannon Wells, PT
  • Francine Won, PT 
  • Natasja Ysambart, PT

Excellent system – well coordinated, organized, very efficient! Have never had this wonderful of an experience before! Multiple appointments arranged for same-day service – no hitches even when labs and X-rays were added to the itinerary. You have this down to an art form and I have raved about Children's to everyone I know. Please keep up the excellent work!

Parent in Mount Vernon, Washington

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206-987-6400 (Sports Physical Therapy)

Federal Way


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