• Keeping Young Athletes in the Game

    See the recent special showing how Children's helps kids stay in the game amidst sports injuries and health conditions.
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  • New Hope for Damaged Nerves

    New Hope for Damaged Nerves

    The Brachial Plexus Palsy Clinic helps kids regain function from a condition once thought to be untreatable. 
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    Children's Story Project

    The Children's Story Project features stories written by patients and families about how Seattle Children's has impacted their lives.
    Featured story: Leona's story
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    A Rare Comparison

    Seattle Children's is a leader in using regional nerve blocks to improve kids' surgical experiences. Regional anesthesia reduces their need for narcotic pain killers and helps control their postoperative pain and nausea.
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    Focusing on Function

    Seattle Children's bone dysplasia team is the region's resource for helping children and families anticipate and address the medical and physical challenges of dwarfism.
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    Mending Our Kids: A Seattle Children's HealthLink Special

    This one-hour special features Seattle Children's internationally-recognized Orthopedics Program.
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    Little Katrina Stands Tall

    At age 5 and just 2-feet-11-inches tall, Katrina Wagner is a dwarf. She has a type of dwarfism known as kniest dysplasia. Her condition can't be "cured," but that doesn't mean nothing can be done.
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    Focused on Normality, Holloway is Still a Standout

    Katie Holloway is one of the best basketball players on the West Coast. Here's her secret. Katie has one foot.
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    New Treatments for Scoliosis

    Dr. Bruder Stapleton talks about new medical procedures that are giving hope to children with scoliosis, or a curving of the spine.
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    Sports Injury Leads to Cancer Diagnosis

    Caitlin is a 16-year-old who was diagnosed with bone cancer after fracturing her leg in a basketball game.
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    Treatment for High Risk Neuroblastoma

    Watch this six-minute video about Sam, a 3-year-old, whose limb turned out to be a bone tumor called high risk neuroblastoma.
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    Life and Limb: Improving Bone Tumor Treatment

    Children diagnosed with bone cancer today not only have an excellent chance of surviving; they can - if treated at the right place - expect to keep their limb.
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    Protecting teens from sports injuries

    Dr. Gregory A. Schmale is interviewed about ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries for Parent Map magazine.
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    How much is too much in youth sports?

    Dr. Gregory A. Schamle is interviewed about this topic for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer .
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