Acute Pain (PDF)
Explains how to control your child's pain after surgery, medical procedure or injury. Also available in Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.

Adaptive Sports Directory (Searchable Excel spreadsheet, PDF)
Seattle Children's has compiled a list of adaptive recreation activities within the Puget Sound area in an effort to promote the continued healing and well-being of our patients and community. The resources gathered here are intended for individuals with physical disabilities that may require adaptation and/or support to engage in meaningful leisure experiences. For questions or to suggest updates, please email us. (Disclaimer: This list was compiled to help promote physical activity and recreation. The individual programs have not been vetted or formally reviewed by Seattle Children's Hospital.)

Bone and Joint Infections Treatment Plan (PDF)
Explains what osteomyelitis and septic arthritis are and covers treatment including sheduling clinic appointments at Children's, giving medicines, side effects of medicines, lab tests needed and warning signs to watch for. Also available in Spanish.

Care After Hand or Upper Extremity Surgery (PDF)
Also available in Russian and Spanish.

Cast Care: Instructions for Patients and Families (PDF)
Discusses types of casts, how to take care of them and bathing instructions. Also available in Spanish.

Constipation After Surgery (PDF)
Offers four tips for preventing constipation after surgery. Addresses stool softeners and when to call the doctor. Also available in Spanish.

The Global-HELP Organization is devoted to making healthcare information accessible worldwide. The publications section of this website includes many resources for parents and healthcare providers.

Safe Moves to Save Your Back (PDF)

Spica Cast Care (PDF)
Describes how to care for a child after a spica cast is put on. Discusses moving, lifting, clothing, bathing, meals, odor, bathroom, sleep, itching, leaving your child, travel, activity, keeping a spica cast clean and dry and when to call the doctor. Also available in Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.

How to Move Your Child in a Hip Spica Cast (PDF)
A flyer with instructions on how to transfer a child with a hip spica cast from bed to wheelchair.

Using Crutches (PDF)
A flyer describing the correct and safe use of crutches. Discusses how to walk with crutches, going up and down stairs, and sitting down and getting up from a chair. Also available in Spanish.

What to Wear for X-ray (PDF)
Wearing the right clothes for the type of X-ray being done is essential for getting an accurate image. This flyer describes how best to dress for X-rays of the spine, leg and arm.



Genetics Home Reference from the National Library of Medicine
Provides an overview of achondroplasia, including what it is, how common it is, causes, how it's passed on and other names for achondroplasia. Includes links to more information.

Amniotic Band Syndrome

Amniotic Band Syndrome
Provides information and connects children and families affected by amniotic band syndrome.


Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support, Inc.
Provides education and support to people with arthrogryposis and their families.

Arthrogryposis: A Text Atlas
A book with detailed information for healthcare professionals and families about the condition and treatment, written mainly by members of the Arthrogryposis Clinic at Seattle Children's.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

Muscular Dystrophy Association
Learn about the types of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, causes, treatment and whether it runs in families. This Muscular Dystrophy Association publication includes photos and illustrations.

Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH)

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
This overview of DDH includes a description, symptoms and treatment options.


Little People of America Medical Resource Center
Provides a list of types of dwarfism, medical conditions and complications that exist within the types of dwarfism, frequently asked questions and "ask a question" service.

Kids Health
Covers what dwarfism is and what it isn't, causes, types, complications, treatments and how to help your child with dwarfism.

Elbow Fractures in Children

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Get information on the types of elbow fractures, symptoms and treatment options.

Femoral Torsion

Femoral Torsion (PDF)
Defines femoral torsion and discusses which children get it, cause, treatment - including what doesn't work and if surgery is needed.

Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia
This entry from the Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia defines cavus foot and gives an overview of symptoms, treatment and complications.

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
This overview of clubfoot includes a description, symptoms and treatment options.

Cavus Foot (PDF)
Pie Cavo (PDF)

The Ponseti Method for Clubfoot Correction: Information for Parents (PDF)
This flyer details one way that clubfoot is treated in babies. The Ponseti method includes casting, an office procedure, a brace and follow-up.
Pie Zambo: El Método de Ponseti (PDF)

Bo's Cherub Feet (PDF)
This children's book was written to help families prepare for the Ponseti method.

Idiopathic Toe Walking (PDF)

Metatarsus Adductus (PDF)
Discusses in-toeing, which children get metatarsus adductus (hook foot) and its cause. Covers treatments including observation, massage and casting.

Tibial Torsion (PDF)
Discusses in-toeing, which children get tibial torsion (twisting of the lower leg bone), cause, prognosis, treatments and determining the need for surgery.

What Parents Should Know About Flatfeet, Intoeing, Bent Legs and Shoes for Children (PDF)
Easy-to-understand information about flatfeet, intoeing, bent legs and shoes for children. This flyer includes illustrations.
Lo Que los Padres Deben Saber Acerca de los Pies Planos, Piernas Arqueadas y Zapatos para Niños (PDF)

Flatfoot (PDF)
This overview of flatfoot includes a description, symptoms and treatment options.
Pie Plano (PDF)

Clubfoot Correction: Using Casting Followed by Shoes on a Bar (Ponseti Method) (PDF)

Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
This overview of Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease includes a description, symptoms and treatment options.

Limb-Sparing Surgery

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Sarcoma is a form of cancer that begins in the bone, soft tissues or connective tissues. Treatment of sarcoma can include surgery to remove some of the bone in a child's arm or leg. This site offers a short overview of limb-sparing surgery related to treating sarcoma in children.

Limb Differences

Lucky Fin Project
This nonprofit organization raises awareness and celebrates children and individuals both with symbrachydactyly or other limb differences.

Olivia's Story
Read this story about a family who comes full circle when a genetic mutation passes from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter.

Metabolic Bone Disease/Skeletal Dysplasia

The National MPS Society exists to find cures for MPS and related diseases. The organization is dedicated to providing support for affected individuals and their families through research, advocacy and awareness of these devastating diseases.

The Luca John Foundation was established to raise funds for research and awareness for various forms of skeletal dysplasia, including short rib polydactyl syndrome (SRPS).

Why Osteoporosis Is a Pediatric Disorder: Dr. Michael Goldberg explains the importance of vitamin D.


Scoliosis (PDF)
This handout provides an overview of idiopathic scoliosis including signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.

Scoliosis Surgery (PDF)
Learn what to expect before, during and after scoliosis surgery. Describes spinal instrumentation, fusion and growing rod surgeries.

Care After Scoliosis Surgery (PDF)
Instructions for how to care for your child at home after scoliosis surgery. Includes information on wound care, exercise, common side effects and when to call the doctor.

Schroth Method for Scoliosis (PDF)
The Schroth method uses physical therapy to treat scoliosis. The method uses exercises to strengthen muscles, support posture and tone certain areas and often is used in conjunction with bracing.
Medtronic, Inc. provides this website for people with scoliosis and their families. The site includes information about symptoms, causes and diagnosis, treatment, stories from patients, a glossary of terms and FAQs. It also features tips for children with scoliosis to use to talk to their parents about what they're going through.

Spinal Fusion for the Treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis in Children: Orthopedic Surgery to Treat Curvature of the Back in Children and Teenagers
UW Medicine, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine provides an overview of a surgery that is used to treat scoliosis in some children.

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Learn about scoliosis, who gets it, signs to look for and treatment options.

Sports Injury Prevention

Basketball Injuries: Preventing and Treating Basketball Injuries  

Bike Helmets: Quick-Fit Check (PDF) (Spanish)

Helmets for Winter Sports (PDF) (Spanish)

Prevent Sports Injuries in Children and Teens  

Safe Moves to Save Your Back (PDF)

Safety Gear for Sports and Play  

Ask KOMO: Preventing Sports Injuries
Learn ways to prevent sports injuries in children from Dr. Cora Breuner.

Keeping Young Athletes in the Game
Watch how Children's helps kids stay in the game amidst sports injuries and health conditions.

Injury prevention screenings (PDF)

ImPACT Baseline Testing: Pre-Concussion Testing for Youth Athletes


The GeneTests website is a medical genetics information resource funded by the National Institutes of Health. It was developed for healthcare providers and researchers, but is of interest to some families as well. Learn what genetic testing is, find labs and clinics in your area that do genetic testing, view a glossary of terms used in medical genetics and more.