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Experience Matters
We’ve treated thousands of patients – from teenagers with scoliosis to children with conditions of the nerves and muscles.
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Sports Medicine Care Providers
Our Athletes Caring
for Yours
Our Sports Medicine team includes former Division I athletes
and has experience caring for athletes of all kinds.
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Skeletal Health Program
Skeletal Health Program
Our core skeletal dysplasia team works with you and your child to provide the highest quality, integrated care.
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Area of Focus

  • Sports Medicine

    Our team of experts works together to get young athletes back in the game. We offer both surgical and non-surgical options, with services that include injury prevention, physical therapy, rehabilitation, imaging, complementary medical treatment and appropriate nutrition.

  • Fractures

    At Seattle Children’s, we understand children’s and teens’ growing bones. We have the knowledge and experience to provide expert fracture care, including surgical treatment of the most complex cases.

  • Sports Concussions

    We are the region’s premier team for evaluating concussions and brain injuries and providing the right treatments to keep young athletes safe and healthy.

  • Spine

    Our team is known nationally for treating all kinds of spine problems in children. Each year, we evaluate 500 to 600 children with spinal issues. Our surgical spinal cord monitoring team leads the country in developing new techniques for making back surgery safer.

  • Dysplasias

    Our doctors are known nationally for their skill in treating dysplasias. We have an experienced ultrasound unit that produces high-quality images to help your child’s doctor choose the right treatment, and years of experience making custom braces and splints to help correct hip problems.

  • Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors

    Our team includes doctors who specialize in bones, joints and muscles (orthopedists) and cancer (oncologists). Patients are referred to us from throughout North America. We see about 350 new patients each year at our Bone Tumor and Sarcoma Clinic.


Doctors and scientists in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine improve the lives of children by developing new ways to diagnose and care for muscular and skeletal conditions in children.

Learn about our current research studies

  • Life and Limb: Improving Bone Tumor Treatment

    Children's works to improve treatment options and survival rates for those with bone tumors.

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