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    A Neurosurgeon’s Gifted Hands Save an Artist’s Creative Mind

    Neurosurgeon Dr. Richard G. Ellenbogen and his former patient Nina Jubran share two important skills: they both have great attention to detail and hands that are used to doing very delicate work. Read the full story.

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    SDR Helps Kids with CP Gain Mobility and Independence

    Seattle Children’s has the right mix of expertise to offer kids like Arabelle a path toward independence. Read the full story.  

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    The Reality of Pediatric Stroke

    Stroke is a potential risk for children and teens, not just adults. Read the full story.

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    Disconnecting the Brain, Reconnecting with Life

    Neurosurgeons use hemispherectomy to stop hundreds of seizures for Sage. Read the full story.

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    Seizure-Free with Minimal Risk

    When children with epilepsy run out of treatment options, MRI-guided laser ablation surgery offers hope for a seizure-free life. Read the full story.  

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    A Cut Above

    Every day, surgeons at Seattle Children's Hospital use the latest, most advanced surgical techniques to make the burden of illness and injury a little lighter for children and their families. Meet four surgeons who are taking a step beyond to tackle vexing problems.
    Read the full story.  

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    Weighing the Options

    Seattle Children's surgeons play a leading role in evaluating whether surgery is the best treatment option.
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    Children's Story Project

    The Children's Story Project features stories written by patients and families about how Seattle Children's has impacted their lives.
    Featured: Jessie's story
    Find a story.  

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    Program Innovation: Neurosurgery, Neurology and Radiology

    Seattle Children's neurosurgeon pioneers the use of functional MRIs with younger patients.
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    Q-and-A with Samuel R. Browd, MD, PhD

    Samuel talks about what it's like to work at Seattle Children's and what's special about the Neurosurgery Division.
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    Daniel's Story: Craniofacial and Neurosurgery

    Daniel was born with part of his brain outside his skull. His face didn't look like other people's. At Seattle Children's, a team of craniofacial doctors and neurosurgeons sealed the opening to Daniel's brain to protect him from disease and injury. And as part of this very complicated procedure, they gave Daniel the face he should have been born with.

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    The Race Is On

    Raising awareness about hydrocephalus - and money to support research at Seattle Children's - is the goal of the new Hydrocephalus Research Guild.
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    Suppressing Seizures

    Modern imaging techniques make surgery possible for people with intractable epilepsy.
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    Q-and-A with Nadine M. Nielsen, Nurse Practitioner

    Nadine talks about what it's like to work at Seattle Children's and what's special about the Neurosurgery team.
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    Brain Tumor Surgery on 8-Year-Old Antonia

    Watch this nine-minute video about Antonia's brain surgery performed by Dr. Jeffrey G. Ojemann at Seattle Children's.
    Watch the video.  

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    Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Battling kids' brain cancer

    Funding for nanotechnology research focuses on pediatric brain cancer.
    Read the full story on the P- I's website