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Our doctors use the most advanced imaging and surgical techniques to treat children with conditions affecting the brain and central nervous system. In 2014, U.S. News & World Report magazine ranked Children's Neurosurgery program one of the best in the country. Learn more about conditions we treat.

Seattle Children’s is the only pediatric hospital in the Pacific Northwest to offer this minimally invasive procedure for epilepsy and brain tumors.

We are a national referral center for Chiari malformation. Children from all over the U.S. come to us for treatment by our team of expert surgeons.

Seattle Children’s is the only hospital in the Pacific Northwest offering selective dorsal rhizotomy.


Jeffrey G. Ojemann, MD

Division Chief


On staff since September 2003

Meet the Neurosurgery team.

Areas of Focus

  • Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors

    Seattle Children’s has the largest pediatric brain tumor center in the Northwest. Each year, our Neurosurgery team treats about 70 to 80 children with brain or spinal cord tumors, using the most up-to-date surgical procedures and equipment.

  • Craniosynostosis

    Our craniosynostosis program is one of the largest in the country. The Neurosurgery and Craniofacial teams work together to operate on about 70 to 80 children each year. Surgery for craniosynostosis includes a neurosurgeon and often involves a craniofacial plastic surgeon.

  • Epilepsy

    We have the largest pediatric epilepsy program in the Pacific Northwest. We operate on about 40 patients with epilepsy each year, using the latest technology and techniques to find and remove the focus of the seizures. Children’s is part of the University of Washington Regional Epilepsy Center.

  • Help for Spasticity

    Selective dorsal rhizotomy is a one-time surgery to permanently reduce spasticity in the legs. Seattle Children’s is the only provider of this procedure in the Pacific Northwest. Our board-certified pediatric neurosurgeons and rehabilitation medicine specialists work together to help your child be more mobile and independent.

  • Hydrocephalus

    Seattle Children’s has one of the nation’s premier hydrocephalus programs. We are experts in treating hydrocephalus and international leaders in research to improve patient care. Our neurosurgeons perform more than 200 hydrocephalus surgeries a year. Using new technology to place shunts accurately, we’ve greatly reduced the need for shunt revisions. Groundbreaking efforts at Children’s have also reduced our shunt infection rate to less than 5%.

Related Research

  • Center for Integrative Brain Research

    Groundbreaking research and a comprehensive model of care enable Children’s to improve outcomes for children with brain tumors.

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  • Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research

    Our research center seeks to translate new scientific knowledge and technologies into effective treatments that maximize the well-being and the quality of life for children with cancer.

  • Seizure-Free with Minimal Risk

    Laser ablation surgery offers the chance to live a seizure-free life to kids with epilepsy who've run out of treatment options.

  • Developing a Modern Shunt

    A new kind of hydrocephalus shunt being developed by Dr. Sam Browd incorporates the latest technologies and promises to dramatically reduce failure rates.

  • The Gift of a Life Without a Shunt

    We are among the first in the nation to offer a surgical treatment that gives children with hydrocephalus the hope of a life without the burden of a shunt.

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