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Neuropsychologists study how people with brain disorders behave, learn, remember and think. Sorting psychological symptoms from neurological symptoms can help doctors make the right diagnosis. In addition, neuropsychologists can:

  • Help your child follow the instructions given in treatment plans
  • Suggest strategies for you and others who work with your child
  • Provide referrals for evaluation and care of mental or behavioral disorders

Services We Offer

Our Neuropsychology team provides complete intellectual, educational and personality testing for children and teens. Our assessments help:

  • Identify mild or subtle impairments, which can help with diagnosis
  • Establish a baseline that can help you and your child's healthcare team make treatment decisions in the future
  • Measure your child's impairments to help predict how the disease and recovery might go
  • Help you and your child's healthcare team make decisions about returning to school, work, sports and other activities
  • Assist in managing your child's rehabilitation program
  • Help your child and your family understand the effects of disease on language, thinking, memory and other skills having to do with processing information
  • Suggest coping strategies for your child and your family

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