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    Saving Baby Poppy

    Before she was born, Poppy Dahl was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Watch her story of survival and learn how her care team worked to give her a fighting chance.
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  • Bettering and Beating the Odds

    Bettering, and Beating, the Odds

    At Seattle Children's, teams of specialists, innovative techniques and the most advanced medical technologies combine to give babies with life-threatening diaphragmatic hernias a chance to breathe, and thrive.
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  • The Smallest of Hearts

    The Smallest of Hearts

    By identifying a serious defect before a child is born, the experts in Children's prenatal diagnosis program enable families and their healthcare providers to establish a plan of care before, during and after birth.
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  • A Veteran's Story

    A Veteran's Story

    "My name is Shauna. I'm a charge nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I'm also a veteran. No, I've never served in the military, or anything remotely like that, but I feel like I'm a veteran all the same...."
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  • Connor's Story

    Connor's Story

    "I was five months pregnant with Connor when I had the ultrasound. There was something wrong. The tech asked me to wait a second while he consulted with the doctor.... It was a genetic condition called tetralogy of Fallot...."
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  • Allison's Journey

    Allison's Journey

    "Allison was six weeks old when she became ill. In the ER, she deteriorated right before our eyes and we were rushed to the NICU. The first 48 hours were spent trying to get ahead of the curve and figure out what was causing this...."
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    Weighing the Options

    Seattle Children's surgeons play a leading role in evaluating whether surgery is the best treatment option.
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