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What to Expect

Common Tests


Common Cardiac Tests

Below are some basics about some of the many tests we do here, what you need to do to prepare and how long they take. All the common tests here are pain free!

Tests that can usually be performed during a regular clinic visit include:

Stress tests usually need to be scheduled separately. 

What should we bring to the test?

Please bring snacks and something to drink for your child. Some clinic visits involve more than one test, and that can make for a long day.

When do we get the test results?

You can expect results from an ECG and an echocardiogram within 48 hours. A chest X-ray needs to be interpreted by a radiologist, so it takes longer. Results for other tests usually take more time.

Parent Tip: Schedule your child's fall sports physical early in the summer so they can get the results in time for school. Sometimes follow-up tests are needed.

Use of sedation with some tests

Since it is hard for infants and young children to sit still for some of the longer tests, children between 6 months and 2 years may need a mild sedative medicine by mouth before the test.

If your child needs to be sedated, don't give them anything to eat for six hours before the sedation. They can have clear liquids, such as apple juice or Pedialyte, until two hours before the test – but nothing at all to eat or drink for the last two hours before the test.

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