Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia Team

Our team provides anesthesia to children undergoing full heart surgery, cardiac catheterization procedures and electrophysiological (EP) studies.

The pediatric cardiac anesthesia team is staffed by a group of specially trained doctors who know how a child with heart disease may react to anesthesia.

What do they do?

The main role of the anesthesiologist is to give anesthesia (sedation) to your child safely and to ensure that your child is comfortable during a procedure. Our anesthesiologists work closely with the surgeons and the cardiologists.

During heart surgery, when your child is in deep sleep, the team monitors more than 20 of your child's vital functions, including blood pressure, temperature, heart function and oxygen levels in the blood. The anesthesiologist will follow your child throughout the procedure until he is transferred to the care of the ICU or recovery room team.

What is special about the experience at Seattle Children's?

Before the procedure, a member of the cardiac anesthesia team will meet with your family to make sure that your child is physically ready for the planned operation.

During this pre-operation meeting, the anesthesiologist will discuss the anesthetic plan with you. The plan includes how your child will fall asleep, what kind of monitoring lines will be placed and the plan for pain medication or sedation after the procedure.

Young children will often be given a sedative by mouth 10 to 20 minutes before they are given the anesthesia. This will usually make your child relaxed enough to accept transfer to the operating room. The anesthetic may be started with a facemask that delivers a sleeping gas or, if your child prefers it, with medications given through an intravenous line.

Additional IV lines will be placed once your child is asleep. During the procedure, most children will be sleeping from a combination of anesthetic gases and IV medications.

Who's on the team?

We have a team of expert pediatric anesthesiologists assisted by fellows, nurse anesthetists and nurse practitioners. The team includes Drs. Michael Eisses , Jeremy Geiduschek , Michael Richards , Denise Joffe , and Lynn Martin .