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Urgent Care Available in Federal Way
Our new South Clinic in Federal Way offers Urgent Care
and services in more than 15 pediatric specialties.
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Prenatal Diagnosis
and Treatment
We provide comprehensive prenatal care and support for your family when your pregnancy is complicated by fetal anomalies.
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Skill. Compassion. Expertise
Our Heart Center team of experts performs more
than 500 operations a year and can treat any
heart defect, from mild to critical.
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Skill Compassion Expertise
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Areas of Focus

Cardiac Catheterization

In 1999, 10% of our heart surgeries were for atrial septal defects — holes in the heart. Today, only 1% of our cardiac surgeries are for this defect. Our Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory has revolutionized the way many heart conditions are treated — without surgery, long recoveries and big scars.

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Fetal Echocardiography

By identifying a serious heart defect before a baby is born, our cardiologists can develop the best treatment plan for birth and beyond — giving parents time to come to terms with the unexpected news and figure out how to best help their baby.

More about fetal echocardiography

Hybrid Procedures

We are pioneering less-invasive procedures as alternatives to open-heart surgery.

More about hybrid procedures

Related Research

Advancing VADs

We're in the vanguard of using mechanical circulatory support to give kids and teens with advanced heart failure the best quality of life.

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Can Fish Teach Us About the Human Heart?

Scientists at Seattle Children’s Research Institute are using a unique species of fish to find out why some babies are born with heart malformations and how a defective heart might repair itself.

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Center for Clinical and Translational Research

Clinical and translational research takes discoveries made in the laboratory and translates them into therapies that people can actually use in daily life.

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Center for Developmental Therapeutics

Children are not simply small adults. The primary goal of the work in our center is to identify and develop new drugs and treatments that will be safer and more effective for children.

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Center for Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Our mission is to restore children's health after injury through repair, regeneration or replacement of tissues, cells and organs.

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