Financial Counseling FAQ

  • What is Children's Financial Assistance program?

    Children's Financial Assistance program helps qualifying families pay for:

    • Healthcare bills from Children's that insurance doesn't cover
    • Very large hospital bills at Children's (catastrophic financial assistance)
    • Your full bill at Children's
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  • Who may qualify for Children's Financial Assistance program?

    Our Financial Assistance program is based on family income and hospital resources. It is available to help families with children who are younger than 21 years and residents of Washington, Alaska, Montana or Idaho. The program helps pay for services your child receives from:

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  • Where can I get an application?

    You can apply for the program before, during or after your child's treatment.

    Apply online. Or, mail or fax in an application.

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  • What kind of care does Children's Financial Assistance program help with?

    Children's Financial Assistance program is for medically necessary services. In most cases, this means services your child's doctor says are needed to evaluate, diagnose or treat illness, injury or disease.

    Services that are considered cosmetic or elective – for example, cosmetic circumcision – are not covered by Financial Assistance.

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  • Does Children's Financial Assistance program pay for services outside of Children's?


    The program only helps with healthcare bills from Seattle Children's, Seattle Children's Home Care Services, Seattle Children's University Medical Group, the Odessa Brown Children's Clinic and Seattle Children's regional clinics in Bellevue, Everett, Federal Way, Olympia, Tri-Cities and Wenatchee.

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  • What if I live outside of Washington, Alaska, Montana or Idaho?

    If you live outside of the United States or in a state other than Washington, Alaska, Montana or Idaho, we conduct a financial review and clearance before you schedule services for your child. This helps you understand your financial responsibilities before your child's appointment.

    If you live in another state or in a U.S. territory, please call 206-987-5351 for information. If you live outside of the United States, please email or call 206-987-3333.

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  • What is your interest-free payment plan?

    Contact our Billing Department to set up a monthly payment plan that does not charge interest. You don't need to fill out an application.

    Call us toll-free at 866-987-5770 for more information.

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  • Is there a discount if I'm paying for my child's care myself?


    We offer a 25% discount on our healthcare services if your child doesn't have an insurer who will pay any part of the bill.

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  • Are there other programs that might help pay for my child's care?

    Yes. If you live in Washington, Alaska, Montana or Idaho, our financial specialists can help you find out if you qualify for other sources of funding, including:

    • Medicaid, which may pay part or all of your child's healthcare expenses, even if you are not eligible for other forms of aid from the state. Medicaid also helps pay for healthcare bills from providers outside of Children's.
    • Washington Health Program. This coverage is available to Washington state residents and may be an option for patients who are beyond Medicaid age limits.
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