Craniofacial Patient Volumes

Craniofacial Patient Volumes, 2010 Through 2014

Craniofacial Patient Volumes by Selected Diagnoses

Craniofacial Patient Volumes by Selected Diagnoses, 2014

Selected craniosynostosis diagnoses from 2014 included: non-syndromic synostosis (324 patients), Crouzon syndrome (34 patients), undiagnosed syndromic cases (23 patients), Apert’s syndrome (14 patients), Pfeiffer syndrome (10 patients) and Saethre-Chotzen (14 patients). Jaw and ear anomalies included in this chart included those without a diagnosed syndrome (126 patients), craniofacial microsomia (119 patients) and Treacher Collins (11 patients).

Craniofacial Procedure Volumes

Craniofacial Procedure Volumes, 2014

Data above reflects selected surgical statistics from 2014.