What is the Craniofacial Genetics Clinic?

The Craniofacial Genetics Clinic combines the expertise of Children's Genetics Clinic and the Craniofacial Center to provide families with information on genetic disorders to help them make informed medical and personal decisions.

The Craniofacial Genetics Clinic provides genetics services, including consults with board-certified medical geneticists and counselors with experience in craniofacial disorders.

A consult in the Craniofacial Genetics Clinic may include:

  • Diagnosis or confirmation of a specific genetic condition
  • Discussion of medical management recommendations
  • Calculation and discussion of genetic risks
  • Interpretation of available genetic tests and test outcomes

Who are genetic counselors?

Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals with graduate degrees and experience in medical genetics and counseling.

Genetic counselors help families understand what is known about the causes of a birth defect or a genetic disorder and the chances of it recurring in another pregnancy.

They also provide referrals to medical experts as well as to support groups in the community.

How much experience do you have with genetic counseling?

The Craniofacial Genetics Clinic includes two board-certified medical geneticists with more than 25 years of combined clinical experience.

Who gets genetic counseling?

Genetic consultation and counseling is offered to all families who have a child with an undiagnosed craniofacial condition, chromosomal anomaly or known genetic syndrome.

Parents of children with an isolated birth defect, such as cleft lip or palate, are given information on the chance the birth defect will recur in another pregnancy. Parents of children with multiple birth defects are offered genetic consultation to identify a unifying diagnosis.

Parents of children with a known syndrome are offered genetic counseling to review the mode of inheritance, recurrence risks and genetic testing and reproductive options.

Children or young adults with any of these conditions are offered genetic evaluation or counseling when appropriate to their age and development.