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Cancer and Blood Disorders



  Cancer Immunotherapy: Early Gains  

Cancer Immunotherapy: Early Gains

Our work to cure cancer using reprogrammed T cells transitioned from treating mice to helping people in 2013. Read the full story

  Inquiry New Cancer Therapy Tcells Garnder 70x70  

Spearheading New Cancer Therapy

Seattle Children’s takes a step toward revolutionizing the way cancer is treated with the hospital’s first reprogrammed T cell immunotherapy trial for relapsed leukemia. Read the full story

  Best of Nueroblastoma MIBG Julie Park 70x70  

New Hope for Neuroblastoma

We've added smart radiation to the arsenal of tools that fight this deadly childhood cancer. Read the full story

  'Stronger' video thumbnail, Cancer stories  

Cancer Patients Sing Their Strength in “Stronger” Music Video

Right before his 22nd birthday, Chris Rumble tested positive for leukemia. Watch the music video he made on Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Hematology-Oncology floor featuring patients, families and nurses dancing and singing to Kelly Clarkson’s hit song "Stronger." 

  Improving Quality of Life After Cancer  

Improving Quality of Life After Cancer

Drs. Scott Baker and Eric Chow are on a mission to help survivors of childhood cancer live their healthiest possible lives.
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  Progress in Cord Blood Transplants  

Progress in Cord Blood Transplants

Dr. Colleen Delaney's pioneering approach to accelerating white blood cell recovery moves to Phase II trials.
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Genetically Engineering the Cure

Dr. Michael Jensen is leading research on reprogramming the body’s own immune system to kill cancer, without radiation or chemotherapy.
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  Fewer risks, more cures  

Fewer Risks, More Cures

Dr. Lauri Burroughs is developing promising new treatments for patients with nonmalignant bone marrow failure and immune deficiency disorders.
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Children’s Story Project

The Children’s Story Project features stories written by patients and families about how Seattle Children’s has impacted their lives.
Find a story
Featured: Logan's story


Tomorrow's Cures Today

Patients at Seattle Children’s have access to the newest and best treatments because our physician-scientists are national leaders in the effort to make childhood cancer a thing of the past.
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Sperm Banking: A New Frontier in Treating Pediatric Cancer Patients

Dr. Margarett Shnorhavorian talks about preserving fertility and quality of life for cancer patients.
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Program Innovation: Hematology and Oncology

Dr. Irwin Bernstein’s research provided the basis for a number of important clinical breakthroughs that are improving treatment options and outcomes throughout the world.
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Changing the Outcome

Groundbreaking research and a comprehensive model of care enables Seattle Children’s to improve outcomes for children with brain tumors.
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Q-and-A with Karyn Brundige, CPNP, Nurse Practitioner

Karyn talks about what it’s like to work at Seattle Children’s and what’s special about the Cancer and Blood Disorders Program.
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Sarcomas: Patients and Doctors Working Together to Fight a Rare Cancer

Drs. Chappie Conrad and Douglas Hawkins talk about sarcomas on an hour-long radio program called Patient Power with Andrew Schorr.
Listen to the segment


Kids with Cancer: Courage and Hope — A Cancer Free Washington HealthLink Special with Jean Enersen

The special takes a look at the current state of pediatric cancer through new research, treatments and the experiences of several patients and families.
Watch the video


Q-and-A with Kirsten Darley, RN

Kirsten talks about what it’s like to work at Seattle Children’s and what’s special about the Cancer and Blood Disorders team.
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Teens Do Better Here

Higher cure rates and fewer long-term effects from treatment are just two of the benefits teenagers and young adults up to age 21 receive when their cancer is treated at pediatric medical centers.
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A Lifeline in Rough Seas

During the last 25 years, the team at Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic has worked to develop stronger partnerships with community providers and to improve access to care that addresses the special needs of children with sickle cell disease.
Read the full story


Working Together to Cure Cancer

Though cancer remains the most fatal of childhood illnesses, Seattle Children’s offers hope to children with cancer and their families.
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Life and Limb: Improving Bone Tumor Treatment

Clinical research, key partnerships and the desire to spare children’s limbs are the driving forces behind Seattle Children’s successful work to improve treatment options — and survival rates — for children with bone tumors.
Read the full story


Treatment for High-Risk Neuroblastoma

Watch this six-minute video about Sam, a 3 year old, whose limb turned out to have a bone tumor called high-risk neuroblastoma.
Watch the video


Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Battling kids’ brain cancer

Funding for nanotechnology research focuses on pediatric brain cancer.
Read the full story


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