What is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Program?

The compassionate experts at Seattle Children’s Leukemia and Lymphoma Program care for young people with cancers of the blood or lymph system. These diseases include:

Our entire focus is on helping your child beat their disease and thrive. Each year we care for many babies, children, teens and young adults with these conditions. Some are just starting their first cancer treatment. Others have refractory, relapsed or recurrent disease.

If your child’s leukemia has features that make it harder to treat or more likely to come back after treatment, they will get advanced care from our High Risk Leukemia Program.

What’s special about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Program at Seattle Children’s?

We treat more young people with leukemia and lymphoma than any other hospital in our region. Our patients have access to treatments that are not available at most centers.

Who is on the Leukemia and Lymphoma team?

Meet the doctors who care for children and teens in our Leukemia and Lymphoma Program.

Contact Us

You can contact the Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at 206-987-2106 for an appointment, a second opinion or more information.

If a doctor at another hospital or clinic has diagnosed leukemia or lymphoma in your child or teen, you can request a second opinion at Seattle Children’s. A second opinion is a chance to confirm the features of your child’s disease and the best treatment options. At Seattle Children’s, your child’s options may include treatment in a study that is not offered everywhere.

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