A Facility Worthy of World-Class Care

Our new Cancer Care Unit was designed with patients, families and caregivers in mind. The Cancer Care Unit has 48 beds in private rooms with natural light and innovative design. Features include:

Cancer Care Unit

Care Team Space

Nurses occupy "care team porches" adjacent to patient rooms. Medications and supplies are delivered to patient rooms from the pharmacy and storage areas. This innovative design and practice allows nurses and other caregivers to stay near your child at all times. Research suggests the amount of time that nurses spend with patients impacts outcomes. The unit includes work spaces for caregivers in the room, on porches just outside the room and in centralized team stations within clear sight of rooms.

Quiet Rooms and Family Lounges

Families have asked for private spaces where discussions about diagnosis, care options and advice can take place - as well as meditation and time alone. "Quiet rooms" and family lounges are available on both cancer levels. You can use the quiet rooms to take a break or for time alone. Family lounges include comfortable furniture, televisions, computers and spaces to store and prepare food.

Treatment Rooms

Each level has separate treatment rooms for certain treatments that could be considered painful for your child. This is so your child's room always feels like a safe place. This is the standard of pediatric care across the country.

Inside Patient Rooms

Choose room temperature, color and light

An in-room thermostat allows you to control room temperature for your child. Glass door panels incorporate multi-color LED lights that your child can adjust to their liking, giving them a sense of control at a time when they may feel they have little control.

Adjust the air filtration

Each private room includes its own air filtration system that can replace old air with fresh air up to 12 times an hour. With this system, the number of air changes can be adjusted based on your child's needs. The system is also used when a room receives a new patient so the next occupant has the freshest air possible.

More space

Rooms are approximately 330 square feet, which includes personal refrigerators, bathrooms with showers and room for two parents to stay overnight. In-room conference tables provide a space for providers to talk with patients and families about treatment plans.

TVs with interactive media system

Each patient room includes a 42-inch TV with GetWell Town, an interactive Internet-equipped entertainment system with access to live on-demand programming, movies and games. Content is customized by your child's age and condition.

Additional Features

Rooftop terrace

The rooftop terrace offers cancer patients access to a therapeutic garden situated on the rooftop of the building. The terrace is part of a green roof and features a deck that is easily accessible from the Cancer Care Unit. It includes beautiful vistas of the area and incorporates benches and other spots for resting and healing. Glass panels block the wind and create an unobstructed outlook.

Cancer care therapy gym

A physical therapy gym is located in the AYA cancer unit. The gym serves the fitness and rehabilitation needs of all cancer patients. It overlooks the building's rooftop terrace and has great views of mountains and surrounding neighborhoods.